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PlayStation Network Outage

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6 May, 2011

“Yeah, about that cloud…” (Featured in Reuters)

By |May 6th, 2011|Breach, Cloud Computing, Data Masking, Industry|0 Comments

The Sony breach is continuously unfolding not only details of the breach itself, but also topics surrounding other related subjects- like cloud computing. I was interviewed today by Jim Finkle of Reuters for this story that calls into question the "unkowns of the cloud": Analysis: Sony woes may cause some to rethink cloud computing Jim [...]

29 Apr, 2011

The “Fine Print”

By |April 29th, 2011|Breach, Data Masking, encryption, Industry|0 Comments

It looks like while Sony PlayStation Network is offline, there's a new game starting: Who Can Jump on the Data Breach Fallout First: Sony is now the target of a lawsuit over negligence in protecting users' data. This isn't surprising, considering Sony only just admitted that users' personal data may have been compromised in the [...]

29 Apr, 2011

Extra Credit

By |April 29th, 2011|Breach, Data Masking, encryption, Industry|0 Comments

In follow up to yesterday's post about the Sony PlayStation Network outage due to cyber criminal activity, analysts are now estimating that the breach could cost credit card lenders upwards of $300 million. Analysts have previously estimated that the incident could cost Sony more than $1.5 billion, but this is the first time they have [...]